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“We’re being awfully intellectual with each other for such a short acquaintance,” she said.

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Author Brooks Erickson wasn’t looking for a wife when we went out to celebrate his third novel. He wasn’t even really attracted to Samantha the first time he saw her, but that didn’t stop his eyes from wandering.

“There’s a name for women like me, Brooks. And not a very nice one,” she told him days later when she showed up on his doorstep. He swore he would save her but was a wedding and a new city answers to their problems?

She was no longer a strange young girl with a cynical smile but an irresistibly attractive woman with a one-track mind and a one-purpose body. It wasn’t long before Brooks realized he wasn’t the only one obsessed with his wife.

How far will Brooks and Samantha go and what sacrifices will they make to fight and hide their dangerous urges?

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