Maxton (paperback)

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“I need to mend what I broke by running away. Until I can get that guilt under control and forgive myself, there’s no room for forgiving anyone else.”

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Max Hudson was only good at one thing – being a doctor. He saved lives, which left time for little else. Before he didn’t live in the family mansion, he didn’t have children, and he didn’t wear eyeliner.

When his fear of failure and inadequacy starts to take over rational thought, the only safe option is to escape everything to Africa. In an effort to prove his value as a doctor (and human being), Max leaves his whole life behind, including his son and the woman he loved.

Karma has finally come back to haunt him and now Max is living with the consequences as his past, present, and future join forces at the one place he’s always felt safe. The hospital.

Dani was the one who walked away.
Meg was the one who picked up the pieces.
Jules was the one who changed the game.
Carrie was the one who filled the void.

But things don’t always go as planned. When life-threatening injuries prevent Max from continuing to practice in Africa, he’s forced to come home and reevaluate everything he thought his life was but isn’t, and everyone in it. Starting with the guest he finds at his front door.

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