Along Came Cathy

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“Of course, darling. That’s why human beings are a higher order than other animals. We have freedom of choice.”

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Paul didn’t realize how much he still had to learn at eighteen until he crossed paths with some bad influences. He wasn’t one to party, destroy property, or trespass, but his new crowd saw their misdeeds as an amusing way to pass time. And he never thought, one bored night, he would end up in a room with Cathy, the most coveted girl in the neighborhood.

That night, Paul wasn’t the only man in the room. His youth and innocence stood before him like a solid wall and the only way he saw to escape was to follow their lead and officially become a man or risk being ridiculed for the rest of his life.

Now he’s met Kate, and suddenly her life holds the key to his own. It might not be a perfect solution or a perfect life, but it far surpassed anything he had lived so far.  Paul finds himself surrounded by a whole new world that his own innocence almost can’t handle.

Desperate to keep the woman he loves all to himself, he takes drastic measures to prove his manhood and worth, only to have the opposite effect on Kate.

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