Spark: a guide to kickstart of reignite your creativity


Have you lost your spark?
Are you afraid of failure or to follow your dreams?
Are you an introvert itching to get out or an extrovert trying to find your way?

Are you looking to put LOVE back into your passions?We are all on a journey, we are all searching, and we don’t have to be afraid.

NOW is your time.
Spark is the quick inspirational boost you’ve been searching for.

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Fifty Shades of Grey meets Mad Men in W.B. Ford’s first retelling of a Max Collier novel.

CHLOE was everything he didn’t know he was missing.
BEAUTIFUL, charismatic, fun, sexy, young, and single.

SHE also has one big secret.

JAMES was about to find out that looks can be deceiving.
AND a secret never stays a secret for long.

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To Those Who Came Before

To Those Who Came Before is a debut collection of poetry filled with dating ups and downs, internal insecurities, fake prince charming’s, to love or not to love, midnight thoughts, and letting go.

Any resemblance to actual people, is probably true, but it’s most likely not you.

A creative mind is an overactive place to be – full of mystery, unicorns, and scenarios only played out in our mind – which then became these poems.

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