About Lauren Tyler


My Story

Hi. I’m Lauren.

Also known as: Laurbot,  LT, Elle Tea,  Lolo, Tyler, Blondie, Blonde Kid, Aunt Lauren, Starsky, and Princess Peach.

I grew up on the pages of Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, and Anne of Green Gables, which later gave way to the works of Jane Austen and Ernest Hemingway.

I am an insatiable reader, and the only thing that rivals my love of books is my love of the sun. I love to explore, both cities and the outdoors alike, and I’m always up for finding a new favorite haunt. You can find me most days soaking up the rays with a great bottle of wine, a dear friend or two, and my talkative cat, Pantouffle.

My friends will probably tell you that I’m defined by my obsessions and ideas, so here’s a some of my favorite obessions:

  • I’m not a fan of needles but I have no problem getting three tattoos in one sitting.
  • I LOVE TEA – black, earl grey, green, orange, lemon, etc.
  • Music Mashups – think Pitch Perfect, Glee, and Girl Talk.
  • Words, Words, Words – any book, every book, owning books / theater / podcasts / websites / blogs – you name it
  • Lists – books I want to read, books I own, movies to see, presents to buy, nail polish, tv shows to watch, Starbucks mugs, songs to listen to, wine to try, etc.
  • Babies. Enough said.
  • Jane Austen – I think I need to go to Austen Anonymous, and I may own potentially 6 or more copies of Pride and Prejudice, including two in a different languages. And I still believe I’ll marry Mr. Darcy.

Along the journey, there will be more to share, and all my favorites, but right now, I’m totally crushing on:

  • Impromptu Trips
  • Poetry
  • Girl Tribes
  • Working from home
  • Stand up desks
  • Remarkable 2 Tablet

Books I’ve Written


Max Hudson was only good at one thing – being a doctor. He saved lives, which left time for little else. 

When his fear of failure and inadequacy started to take over rational thought, the only safe option was to escape everything in Africa. In an effort to prove his value as a doctor (and human being), Max leaves his whole life behind, including his son and the woman he loved.


Leah remembered the night her father had been nominated. Joe had been so gentle, so exciting. Later, she realized that night had all been an act.

Whether as a dare or to spite her parents, Leah Clark had never backed down from a challenge. The more powerful the man, the stranger the experience, the faster the relationship. Nothing would stop her from self-destruction or ruining her father’s reputation.

To Those Who Came Before

To Those Who Came Before is a debut collection of poetry filled with dating ups and downs, internal insecurities, fake prince charmings, to love or not to love, midnight thoughts, and letting go.

Any resemblance to actual people, is probably true, but most likely not you.

A creative mind is an overactive place to be – full of mystery, unicorns, and often scenarios that only play out in our mind – which then became these poems.


“Loving a woman is very much like playing songs on a jukebox. The results are as varied as there are records.”

– chloe, w.b. ford