Eva is my third book in the Max Collier retelling series under the pseudonym W.B. Ford. It’s a spicy, inappropriate tale of revenge that takes place in the Treasure Valley with a host of shady characters. These books are always an adventure and so much fun to create. I never know what will be coming up next.

If you don’t know the fully story behind W.B. Ford and the retelling of Max Collier books, CLICK HERE.

A house full of secrets and lives full of affairs – they all find that money can’t buy happiness and the root of all evil just might be the hired help.

When Lorick is propositioned by a stranger on the street, the last thing he expected was to find himself becoming the gardener for one of Boise’s wealthiest families. But looks can be deceiving, and so can he. With the help from some friends, he starts down a rabbit hole of revenge that no one would have expected.

“Revenge is revenge and now it’s my turn.
Not only now but tomorrow and next week and next year.”

– quote from Eva by W.B. Ford

Nono has been considered the sweet girl next door, but she’s tired of being left behind when everyone else is out having fun. Finally, her years of waiting at over, and with only a little hesitation and the help of some alcohol, all her questions were finally answered. 

“Making flowers bloom is like training an awkward girl in all the graces. It has its rewards.”

– quote from Eva by W.B. Ford

Now the Westerman family is on the verge of destruction and it’s unclear who will make it out alive and who will still have their dignity.

Eva by W.B. Ford is now available for pre-order. Click HERE to pre-order a signed paperback copy through my website or visit Amazon to pre-order Eva on Kindle.

Eva will be available May 31, 2022!

Happy Reading!
<3, Lauren