I have never been more excited to be a writer than this moment when I get to share a plan for what I have in store for you over the next year! While no date is set in stone, there’s a lot of fun projects in the works with something for everyone!

EVA – a new W.B. Ford book
A new retelling of Max Collier’s Thorn of Evil is coming up first! Cover reveal and official release date will be soon. If you don’t know the story behind the W.B. Ford books, check out more here. Max Collier was the pseudonym by grandpa used to publish books in the 60s. Eva will be the 3rd book in this “series”. It’s spicy!

AUSTENa new mystery/romance from yours truly, Lauren Tyler
I just shipped this one off to my fabulous editor for her first round of reading. Austen will bring you a little bit of mystery and a little bit of romance. Maybe a love triangle. Maybe some drama. Maybe some trigger warnings. Fingers crossed it’s a good one.

A little bit farther in the future we will be working on a 4th W.B. Ford book, a second poetry book, and my third novel currently in progress!

Who knows! I may sneak in something extra in between it all. Keep checking back to the blog and Instagram for the latest updates, spoilers, teasers, and more!

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Get excited!
<3, LT