One year ago on May 15th, 2018, my first book was officially launched!

Now a year later, I can’t believe how this one little book has changed my life.

Spark gave me a “spark” to start doing so much more, planning more, creating more.

I still feel so far away from where I would like to be in my writing journey, but I’m so much closer than I was a year ago.

All it takes is one little step every day. To do something every single day that goes towards your passion or goal.

Before Spark I was held back by fear and failure and self consciousness and procrastination – to name a few.

Don’t be fooled! Those things are all still there and I still struggle with them, but now I can push past to get to the next step.

Here’s a couple recent examples of how I’ve tried to stay true to my book and the message I want to share.

I said “YES” to my first speaking event. I was scared like crazy, I’m sure I said “um” 500 times, my hands shook, I almost forgot what to say …. but I did it and it was so amazing.

I said “YES” to singing a solo at church in front of a lot of people, 95% I didn’t know plus anyone watching on Facebook.

It was also in front of a great friend and inspiration, a woman who I look up to, who encourages me daily, and is a knockout singer. I didn’t want to disappoint her, fail in front of her, or embarrass her because I was a representation of her team.

Writing this book, sharing it with the people I love and with people who don’t know me, and the response I received has encouraged me to try anything once, to keep going, and keep shipping out new ideas.

What started out as a monologue of my creative journey to become an author turned into so much more.

Your little idea, your dream, your passion, your goal – it might seem small and insignificant, but at the right moment and by taking one step at a time, you can create something so much more.

SPOILER ALERT – The full story of how Spark came to be is coming soon with the re-launch of The Alter Egos Podcast, so stick close.

If you’ve read Spark, I would love your feedback. Leave a comment, submit a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, text me, send me a letter. Then share or buy a copy and send to a friend.

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Thank you for being part of my tribe!