Here’s a throwback morning I recently stumbled upon in an old notebook. Back in June 2013, I had the opportunity to attend PCBC (aka the Pacific Coast Builders Conference) for work in San Diego.

Among all the fun we had, we had the chance to sit in on the keynote speaker for that year – Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human and many other books.

Pink’s main conversation points were on sales, which is not 100% of what I really do for business, but he did have some great takeaways.

What I didn’t really realize until I saw Daniel Pink speak was that regardless of our title, much like the word “leader”, every person is selling something just like everyone is leader.

“Like it or not we are all in sales now.”

Daniel Pink, 2013

Here are a few extra points:

  • 40% of time on the job selling in is a non-selling way
  • Sales is not what it used to be (now seller beware vs buyer beware)

When you think of sales or selling what is the first word that comes to mind?

Daniel also brought in some pointers from others like the fundamental skills or qualities courtesy of Glen Gary Glen Ross:

  1. Attunment – get out of your own head and see something from someone else’s perspective (aka perspective taking)
  2. Buoyancy – how to stay afloat with rejection
  3. Clarity – apply your expertise to that information
  4. Increase your effectiveness by reducing your power

This might be where I come in more than some – “strong introverts are terrible at sales”. So true – at least for me. I might not be a STRONG introvert anymore, but sales has never been my strong suit and this makes sense.

And regardless of what your title is, these words of wisdom will always ring true.

  • Don’t be a glad hander, just be yourself
  • Give people an offering
  • Serve first and lead next (servant selling)
  • Serve first and sell next

​I’ve also read Daniel’s book, Drive, and highly recommend it. He has so much more to offer in his books and keynotes.

Look him up even if you’re like me and sales isn’t your thing. He can motivate you in many other areas of your life.

<3, Lauren