If you read my last post, you will know that I’m on a mission to accomplish 40 things before 40. I’m still working on the official list but one of the items is to visit all 50 states before I turned 40. It might be a daunting task but ever since I said it out loud the universe has been helping me to achieve my goal.

I made it to Hawaii earlier this year without much pre-planning like I would normally do with a trip. And suddenly the opportunity to visit Missouri landed in my lap and weeks later I found my way there. We are officially at 15/50 states (and I just booked another spontaneous trip to cross 4 more off).

Welcome to the St. Louis highlights.

The famous St. Louis Arch

If you’re not afraid of heights or confined spaces, take the ride to the top (it’s only about $15 a person which is a steal) // photo #4 is the Illinois side.

World’s Fair Pavilion

Home of the 1904 World’s Fair in what is now Forest Park. The park also houses a boat house for stand up paddle boards, canoeing, paddling, eating, and drinking, in addition to a skating rink, endless bike paths, a Shakespeare Glen, the Zoo (see below), and so much more! You could spend a whole day there!

St. Louis Zoo

I like the Boise. And honestly, I haven’t been to many zoo’s, BUT, St. Louis was pretty amazing. #1 – It’s FREE! Yes, FREE! #2 – flamingos, polar bears, orangutans, elephants, seals, hippos, penguins, and more! If it’s something you’re interested in, you can also purchase an alcoholic beverage while you tour the Zoo. I think we spend a good couple hours so plan ahead!

Cardinals vs. Cubs

This was not on the agenda at all but well worth it! On a whim while visiting Ballpark Village (also a must see) we looked up the game schedule to find out that day the Cardinals were playing the Cubs. I’m not a huge baseball fan but how can one resist? I’m assuming this is for all games, but we picked up $25 standing room only tickets (per person) and walked into the game to find the standing “seat” of our dreams! Whether a baseball fan or not, you should try this out!

Also, if you aren’t planning on a game, you can hop a shuttle from Ballpark Village to Anheuser Busch for free. It runs between both locations every hour and is well worth it!

Anheuser Busch

To beer, or not to beer? That is the question. Whether you’re a drinker, or not, this was a very fun tour to go on and learn the history of Bud! Their gift shop is amazing and while we waited for our FREE tour we had a pint of my new favorite beer (that is NOT available in Idaho) Michelob Golden Light. It’s pretty much all I drank when I could in St. Louis. I also didn’t realize how many beers were Anheuser Busch.

In case you aren’t sure about this FREE tour, the first stop is to see the Clydesdale’s. I was hoping we could get to pet them or have better photo opportunities (at the time) but understand the horses would probably get severe anxiety being touched by a billion people every day. On the plus side, when we were getting ready to hop back on the shuttle – they had one all dressed up outside for photos. So impressive!


The Social

I don’t know if The Social is a chain or a one stop shop or whatnot, but in the neck of the woods we were staying, The Social was THE PLACE to be! Think along the lines of Dave & Busters or Big Al’s or an adult Chuck E Cheese. I was thinking we were heading into a fun little bar that turned into a great place to be! I think there were a couple different bars but surrounding the main bar was a band singing all the hits with a small dance floor, huge TVs playing all the different sports games and news you can find, a giant shuffle board, ping pong tables, basketball hoops, and even karaoke upstairs.

St. Louis exceeded out expectations!

And the trips just keep on coming. Can’t wait to share the next photo diary with you.


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