It’s no mystery how much I read and in the summer it is always fun to find the best of the best to make the summer days drag on and never end. At the beginning of June, I was on a roll finishing almost a book a day – but then the heat set in and the reading was postponed for other fun in the sun activities.

I haven’t stopped reading … but I’m definitely in the middle of a billion books right now because I’m loving the variety. In the spirit of summer reading, I wanted to share a variety of what I’m soaking up the sun with in all genres!

Spark by Lauren Tyler (aka me)
I’m not ashamed to promote my first book as a quick summer read. I know I’m highly creative right now and even as I begin working on the next “Spark” books I find myself going back to the first and remembering why I do what I do, why I love writing, and why I love sharing my journey with you. Spark can be read in less than an hour, mulled over, and shared with everyone you love. BUY from me.

Sting by Sandra Brown
I’ve been a huge Sandra Brown fan since I was in junior high or high school. I think I own every book (and read them all as well). I recently played catch up with a bunch of her more recent suspense books and Sting was one of my favorites. Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end. I listened to this on audiobook and found myself transfixed at moments where all I could do was stand and listen. BUY on Amazon

Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau
I’m still in the middle of Chris’s new book but I am 100% recommending it (as you may have seen in the last Lolo Library). Each chapter is a daily step, goal, lesson, or journey “from idea to income”. The goal is after 27 days following his side hustle program you will be making extra money. Whether you are planning a vacation, paying off debt, unemployed, or looking to replace your current income – Side Hustle shows you the way from coming up with ideas to getting the ball rolling and finally making money. I’m not quite on the chapter a day program but when I have the extra time to sit down and focus I’m loving each moment and also making the time to implement what he discusses. It doesn’t work if you don’t do the work. BUY from Chris’s website.

The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir
I just finished my latest Book of the Month club read and like most BOTM selections, I sped through it in a couple days. The Book of Essie is the story of a teenage girl on a Christian reality TV show who finds herself pregnant. Between her mother and myself, a plan begins to hatch how to save the face of the family and all their fame. It has a nice twist, was easy to read, and definitely perfect for summer on the beach. If you want to join Book the Month, click the following affiliate link and get a free book when you use code FIREWORKS. Join today!

You Go First by Ronda Conger
I read this book at the end of last year but I think it’s a great motivational read. It can be slowly embraced or you can devour it in a few hours (depending on your reading speed). I am a personal supporter of Ronda, am lucky enough to work with her every day, and so blessed that she was the first to endorse my first book! You Go First is a great leadership read whether you are a leader or don’t feel like one. It will take you on the journey to become the leader of your life, your career, your tribe, your company, or any other area you feel like you need a little leadership inspiration. BUY TODAY. 

Like I said, I’m in the middle of reading/listening to quite a few books which always lends the problem of which one do I pick up next. For locals, in the spirit of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival lineup in Boise, I’ve been plowing through books based on this year’s plays. Stay tuned for the next Lolo’s Library where I share thoughts on …

  • Pride and Prejudice – my favorite book of all time
  • Macbeth – maybe one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most cursed plays
  • Misery – my first time reading Stephen King’s creepy novel / PS I’ve never seen the movie either

What are you reading this summer?


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