Title: Finish | Author: Jon Acuff | Published: 2017

Give yourself the gift of done.

I’m proud to say I finished Finish which was not a hard thing to do because this book was AMAZING. I flew through it in about 24 hours give or tack.

For starters, I haven’t read the “prequel” as you might call it to Finish called Start which Jon kicks off the book discussing (but now it’s on my list and I’m very intrigued).

Finish is the perfect book for anyone and everyone, no matter what you do or where you are at this point in your life. If you’re looking to start something new or struggling to keep your to-do list in check, whether at home or at work or your side hustle, I found so many benefits from reading Finish in all areas of my life.

I LOVE how Jon focuses on this need we have in society to be “perfect” and how that influences who we are and how much we might punish ourselves for not succeeding at our goals and dreams. How can we possibly finish something if it’s not perfect?

My favorite takeaways that I am starting to implement in my life at this point are:

  • Cut your goal in half – instead of wanting to lose 5 lbs a week I say 2.5 lbs and I’m actually succeeding and less disappointed by the higher goal (I like to be an overachiever)
  • Choose what to bomb – even though I’m trying to save money, I gave up mowing my own lawn (an example Jon uses) to pay someone else so it’s one less thing I have to worry about; I stopped watching TV shows out of obligation and only watch what I want when the moments strikes (if at all)
  • Make it fun, weird, and my own – I’m working on finding my own flow and system and when it works best in my schedule to work on projects. #ElleTeaReadsBooks is my new favorite hashtag to track and share all my fun reads, a book doesn’t have to be 700 pages to be add to my overall yearly book count (some are 30 page ebooks)
  • Create rewards and don’t start a new project until you finish – I want to create an vlog/podcast but I won’t let myself until I get my email campaigns set up. I want to plan a trip out of the country, but I refuse to start planning until I pay off my debt
  • Create a list of next goals – I’ve already been doing this but it’s grown a lot since I finished this book. I don’t want to forget an idea.
  • We all need data – Measure specifics to goals to see where you are at. Some of the data I plan to measure are time invested, money earned, debt paid, pounds lost, words written, blogs posted, thank you notes sent, and books read. Note – Jon says don’t overdo it and choose three points to start off with. A couple of these items I already do so I’m really adding to my list.

Now that I’ve “finished” this review, it’s time to go finish more of my goals and projects. Find a way to make it fun, to challenge yourself, and watch all the things you accomplish. What will you finish today?