As far as challenges go, I consider myself a master. I spend hours upon hours challenging myself in any way possible, but the hardest challenges for me are lifestyle changes. That includes diets, food, and exercise.

Everywhere we look there is a new fad diet, new options, friends with their opinions of what worked for them and what we should try, a new gym opening up, etc. What I have found, and touched on in part one of my “Adventures in Keto” is that unless I make the choice it’s not going to happen. I can’t be bribed, coerced, pressured, or encouraged to follow the crowd because otherwise I get bored and I feel miserable.

If there’s anything I have learned that has kept me going through the past two weeks, it’s that I have to do it for me and ONLY ME.

If you missed it last week, check out part one of Adventures in Keto here.

Week Two is a game changer

There were still struggles and successes, but what I started realizing is it’s not as hard as I thought to transform to this lifestyle. Did you catch that? LIFESTYLE. Not diet, not fad, not 30 day challenge. LIFESTYLE.

Through week two I had to continually remind people around to me that I had eliminated some things from my diet, which meant I couldn’t eat what they were eating. I couldn’t have a piece of chocolate or partake in Taco Tuesday.

The biggest struggle was having family in town, which meant eating more AND eating out more. I wasn’t sticking to my normal meal portions or homemade food that I knew didn’t have extras built in.

I did the best I could under the circumstances, and wasn’t too surprised when I stepped on the scale and I had went up one more pound. I tried not to be disappointed but it definitely made he realize what I needed to change and focus on for the next week if I was going to


For starters, Pinterest introduced me to my first quick and easy recipe — Keto Pig in a Blankets. I needed an easy meal and this one changed my eating from just meat and cheeses to actually feeling like I was getting something more of substance.

Finding some new recipes, or new foods, spiced up what was already starting to become a boring meal plan. And it saved my life. Remember, I’m still a novice, and I’m taking continuous baby steps, but that has been part of the fun as well.

What I wish I knew about from day 1 was 90 Second Bread. I’m sure having it with every meal is not part of the lifestyle and not recommended, so I’ve been limiting myself.

However, we are getting creative with our dinners and took 90 Second Bread to the next level to create 90 Second Pizzas (with cheese, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, and more).

In 5 minutes, we

had a full meal! And I only had one 90 Second Bread (cut in half) and I was full. Even the family is enjoying the new bread replacement.



Week 1 was a struggle but the end result of losing a few pounds kept me going.

By week 2, I started to feel better overall but struggled with outside influences and eating more resulting in gaining 1 pound.

I was more determined than ever and have found it pays off but staying disciplined, because weighing after week 3, I found I was down 4 pounds.

Just keep pushing, just keep going, just keep up the momentum.

It’s worth it.