Miss a couple weekends and lot of things have gone on and a lot of fun new things to talk about. First off, who doesn’t love writing blogs with this backdrop?

I’ve been waiting for a day like today to relax, recoup, and refresh myself for the week(s) to come, to write blogs, and play around online, and finish up the the Alter Ego Reunion show that will go LIVE on Tuesday. YES! I promise.

I’ve officially turned into someone with a billion ideas and blog posts in my brain … which means there will be a lot of reviews and goodness coming your way. But that’s not why you’re here right now.

The Interest List:

  1. Ellen shared this awesome website with me, one I honestly have been avoiding for some time. But the book fiend in my cannot resist the sign that I need to get a new book every single month. Introducing the Book of the Month Club. My first month I got a great deal that included a bonus book and came away with Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane and Into the Water by Paul Hawkins. Lehane is known for Mystic River and Paula Hawkins for The Girl on the Train. Obviously two great choices and I will be starting them both soon. For June, I picked up The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid (who wrote Maybe in Another Life which I loved). If you want a referral coupon, leave a comment.
  2. Multiple Inboxes in Gmail – LIFE CHANGING! My gmail inbox at work is empty and along the side all the important categories are front and center so nothing slips through the cracks. I’ve started introducing it into my personal inbox which is a disaster zone, and definitely a work in progress but I’m loving seeing different folders all on one page to be able to know what needs my attention first.
  3. Last night I came across Wanted on HBO. It’s been years since I’ve watched it and I forgot how much I wanted to be Angelina Jolie and a total bad ass like she was in this film. I loved her clothes, and her hair, and everything. Maybe in another life, or some book I write I can put myself in the Angelina Jolie persona from this movie. Overall, I’m pretty happy just being me.
  4. And who wants to do movie night without pizza? Not this girl. So I loaded up Dominos and I am definitely digging on their pizza tracker that tells your moment by moment what is going on with your order, when it’s prepped, cooked, and when it goes in the car to be delivered. And it’s fun that you can send the people working on your pizza little notes of encouragement … I hope they actually get them.

The Lit List:

  1. Taking the Titanic Bookshot by James Patterson and Scott Slaven – Anything Titanic is always fun, but a new mystery twist on the tale is a fun adventure, especially for a bookshot. This little tale has a double twist, but starts with strangers who plot a scheme to get onto the Titanic and try to hustle and pickpocket from the rich and famous for a handsome reward when they reach the United States. Low and behold, one of them has a bigger secret and bigger plan, that goes awry when the unsinkable ship hits an iceberg. 
  2. A Wedding in Main Bookshot by Jen McLaughlin – Another quick easy summer read, and a spinoff of a novel by Jen McLaughlin. This is my first introduction to McLaughlin but this bookshot is definitely a good summer read for the ladies, the beach, or your back yard with ice tea or a cocktail. A romantic tale that includes a proposal, and some old family and friends who are up to no good … I’m still reading it but I’m curious. And after I’m finished, I will probably have to go read the original book too.
  3. A Literary Tour of Italy by Tim Parks – The one took me awhile to get through but was so fun to read, but having been to Italy, and having my parents in Italy right now. Quite a few of the authors I was familiar with, but many of them are brand new and it was amazing to hear the history behind the country through the works of these authors. Of course, it wouldn’t be a book about Italian authors without Dante. Any lover of lit and Italy, should definitely check this one out.
  4. Grit by Angela Duckwork – Another good audiobook I listened to recently and lot of fun to get the early motivation as I was driving into work. We hear a lot about Grit but sometimes it’s hard to know how it applies to our life, or how we can obtain grit. Overall, if you have passion and perseverance, I could probably read this book over and over again!

​The past few weeks have been a blur with my parents being out of town and managing 2 1/2 households. But this coming week will be filled with family in town, John Mellencamp, birthday parties, Big Wow, and the parental units coming home from their Italian adventure.

​Laters, baby.