“A charming, classic hardbound book designed to promote kindness by leading little readers through basic manners, one letter at a time.”
– The Three Squirrels’ Alphabet Book of Manners

The popular Jackson 5 song comes to mind when I think of my good friends’ new book launch adventure. I’ve known Carrie since I was in junior high when she was my teacher. Fast forward about 15 years and I meet her sister Steph while working at CBH Homes. Their sister Amy, who I have yet to meet, but know I will love, rounds out the Three Squirrels.

I have been so stoked, and so honored, to be privy to The Three Squirrels’ first book since early on in the planning stages. Steph and I frequently bounce ideas past each other with our many side hustles, and when she told me of this idea, I could not wait to see how it turned out.

The Three Squirrels’ Alphabet Book of Manners is just as it says, but SOOOO much more. Each page spread is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet in custom designed colors and patterns, with a corresponding mannerism … such as K is for Kindness and T is for Thank You.

The three girls (aka squirrels) were raised by amazing parents who instilled in them the importance of manners. Now that they are mom’s with their own littles (aka children), they have passed on these words of wisdom to their own, and ready to share with the rest of the world. I witnessed the TLC they put into this amazing 10×10 book perfect for hands of bigs and littles alike.

​The Three Squirrels’ Alphabet Book of Manners just launched their Kickstarter Campaign and they need all of us! I personally backed them to get my hands on two copies of the book – one for my library and one to eventually share as a gift for a special little in my life.

You have 28 days to jump in there and help support The Three Squirrels. Each backer above $25 comes away with at least one book and one button when the project hits its goal of $15,000.

It’s an amazing opportunity to support reading in kids, reading in general, local Boise authors, friends, sisters, side hustles …. AND MORE!

Really, just go do it. Because the world needs more kids learning manners from day one, so they can grow into adults with amazing manners = world peace. #agirlcandream

Thank you, Squirrels, for getting together to create a great book to help shape future generations, and remind bigs and littles that manners go a long way at every age.

​Laters, baby.