Sometimes you order a single, sometimes you order a double. Sometimes you skip a week of Starbucks. Sometimes you indulge everyday.

​Sometimes after a week, I find that I haven’t read enough new books, I haven’t had enough new adventures, and I certainly might not have anything interesting to say. But it’s all about creating a habit.

The Interest List:

  1. Wouldn’t be today, without a shout out to the women of our lives. Mother’s Day is always fun, full of sunshine, mimosas, and showering people with flowers, gifts, and candy. Or mani/pedi’s. I’m biased, and I know 100 other women who will say the same thing about their moms, but my mom is the BEST! So is my nonna. I especially love dragging out our celebrations for days to come. We all look pretty good in white (click here). I might finally start resembling my mama a little more the older I get and the younger she stays.
  2. We’ve been on a movie kick, more than ever, and I feel like I’m finally getting caught up on a bunch of award nominated films, and so much more. For example, I never had any clue the McDonald’s wasn’t really created by Ray Kroc, aka Founder, like maybe most of us thought. AND … that the Kroc Center in Coeur d’Alene where I’ve attended church and hear so much about, is one and the same Kroc (even though he died well before it came to existence). Very interesting film and worth a watch.
  3. Playing dress up outside of Halloween is always a good time. Especially if it involves red lips, Grease, and fun daddy/daughter date nights. You always know you’ll please a crowd of kids and even get a few surprises at their old school requests. It’s not just all High School Musical.
  4. I find the most boring of things, make life more fulfilling. Like chillin’ on a Saturday or Sunday with the family, reading books, doing nothing. And in the back of my mind I’m plotting and planning something big. This just might be the week that I pull out the old poetry manuscript and think about submitting it to a publisher. Or find an old short story and look into self publishing it in ebook form. There’s also a 90% chance of a new Alter Egos Podcast going live on Wednesday. I love when the possibilities are endless.
  5. Tomorrow my good friend, Steph, with Sending You a Party, is launching something BIG with her sisters. If you wanna know what it is, come back here tomorrow or check out my FB / Insta page for more details on how you can participate. I’m beyond excited!
The Lit List:
  1. Hot Winter Nights Book Shot – this is just another little quick read courtesy of the James Patterson Book Shots collection. A little romance. A little mystery. I’m not sure how it will all turn out, and which guy will get the girl, but it’s a fun read while I’m waiting in line, or have a few minutes to spare. Not rocket science so it makes it nice for the start of summer.
  2. Do Over by Jon Acuff – I’ve been listening to this one and it’s a good reminder that regardless of your scenario, if you love you current work environment, if you’re looking for a change or forced out of a job, that it’s not all hopeless and getting a “do over” is always at our fingertips. I love starting new projects, trying new things, anything – even with my amazing career at CBH Homes. I can’t just be doing one thing and that’s what is great about this book. We always have the chance to “do over”. I’m only halfway through and it’s full of great exercises and documents as add ons for anyone reading or listening.
  3. L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton – the Alphabet series is one that is taking me quite awhile to read … but now with my new affinity for audiobooks and sometimes the world’s longest commute home, these mysteries are a great form of entertainment. It’s crazy to think that I’m only on L and Grafton is nearing the end of the alphabet. So much has changed in the time frame between now and back when this book took place. For example, still no cell phones, old fashioned answering machines, and technology was still years from being our best friend with Google and GPS. I’ve enjoyed this story that starts with Kinsey taking a look at an insurance/money mystery that drags her into a decade old mystery all on it’s own. She sure knows how to get herself into some pickles. ​
I think this coming week will be full of new adventures, new fun, and of course, it’s Boise so we’re going to swing from the 50s to the near 80s all in a couple days. I feel the first days of poolside cocktails are almost upon us.
​Laters, baby.