The past week has flown by … like speedy fast, I can’t even believe it. And to think it was just over a week ago I was sitting on a beach in 80 degrees, beer in hand … and today it looks a little cloudy to Boise, Idaho. On a happy front, Boise is going to hit the 80s this week!

There were a lot of shenanigans this week, a lot of firsts, great music, great friends, and some surprises coming soon.

The Interest List:

  1. Learning a new language is hard, and almost even harder is getting me to try new foods. I’m a picky eater. But this weekend I was convinced to try our Korean food for the first time. It was really good. So was the Korean style saki. And you can’t have Korean food without learning some new words, like goodbye, smell, go away, and friend.
  2. The Alter Egos podcast is coming back! There might be a different format, some new voices, but for sure it’s already more fun. The reunion show is almost ready for you. It was just as much fun getting it ready for you as it was for us to all be gathered together.
  3. Last night Ellen and I went to the Bastille & Mondo Cozmo concert at Taco Bell … Arena. Not the drive-thru. It was crazy amazing, general admission floor tickets, and multiple visits from the lead singer himself walking and dancing with the crowd. I’m pretty sure they all loved Boise is their posts on social media are any indication. Click HERE and HERE.
  4. Beauty and the Beast​ nailed it with the new live action film. I had no idea there were so many amazing actors and familiar faces. Ewan McGregor alone was a shock. I honestly had no idea it was him even after watching start to finish. Amazing music. Beautiful scenery. There were tears. And my date was the best movie buddy a girl could ask for. She’s a keeper.
  5. HUM Nutrition – enough said. Well, I’m still early on with the program (aka. day 2). This is one of those amazing things that Ellen has introduced me to. Take a short quiz and a nutritionist will contact you, recommending three of their vitamins to best match what you are looking for. I’m taking the Red Carpet, OMG, and Uber Energy. Want $10 off your first order? Use coupon code 12A471.

​The Lit List:
I’ve been reading this one off and on for the past year, but finally trying to finish it up. It’s an amazing book whose intention is to read one entry a day over 365 days to empower, motivate, inspire, and move you to create the best life you can live. Each entry gives you a pep talk, followed by a mantra to repeat, and a question to answer. Regardless of my current frame of mind on a given day or time, I get something out of each entry to help create a fulfilling life.
This was such a fun and amazing gift given to me for my birthday. Yes, it’s an extremely quick read, but it was so much fun, inspiring, and took me back to my childhood. Each page is a life lesson gathered by one of the little golden books from our childhood, including the corresponding image. I could read it over and over again. And it will be a great gift to give others in the future.
I came across this read by chance this weekend sitting on a friend’s coffee table. It soon followed me home, and was promptly read, and finished in less than 24 hours. Including lyrics and original poems by Paul McCartney, any Beatles fan, poetry fan, music fan, or collector will enjoy this compilation. I have already passed it along to my Beatles loving mother, who introduced me to the band back when I was a wee lass.
There is always more to come. More books to read. More fun to be had. And this week is already chocked full of shenanigans on the calendar so next Sunday will be a fun read. Until then.
​Laters, baby.