I follow a lot of blogs, save a lot of posts, and hover over many others that have regular, weekly postings about what’s trending in their life – the hot topics. I’ve tried this myself in the past. It might go for a week or two and then I forget to keep a list, or I get busy and I don’t post.

But there is something satisfying about sharing great (or new) finds with those around us. Just yesterday, Pepper gave me a new laundry list of things to try out. None of them are listed below because I haven’t tried them out yet, but I’ve already ordered some so it won’t be long. You’ll see them soon.

So … to hopefully keep this up every week, and not add more to the crazy life of 33, let’s stick with 5 topics … and it wouldn’t be an Elle Tea post without a list of books.​

The Interest List: 

  1. I updated the Elle Tea Creative website in a big revamp and a completely different look from anything I’ve had since I created it in 2013. She’s still a work in progress, and I welcome any feedback. Keep coming back for new projects, new posts, and who knows what else. When it comes to creativity, the sky’s the limit.
  2. We just got back from Mexico, and for a first timer, with lots of advice from friends and family, I’m pretty sure it was my most successful traveling experience. We’ll do a whole post on the adventure later but in the meantime, if you want some pumping music from sun up to sun down, sand and pool at your fingertips, and some fashion, ME Cabo is your resort. She was pretty and really nice to us. The weather wasn’t too shabby either.
  3. Unicorn Frappuccino – Yes. I did it. And no, I didn’t think it was terrible. Once was enough, but I’m thinking after hearing everyone else’s reactions that maybe Mexico has a better version than the states. I guess the only way to tell is grab on in Boise as well.
  4. Guess what’s back? Bosch Season 3 on Amazon Prime. I was completely addicted when Season 1 and Season 2 came out (at the same time … IN FULL). I devoured it. I haven’t had a chance to jump in since getting back from Mexico but I know it will be amazing!
  5. I love when friends start blogs and websites. Even when you think you know everything about them, they surprise you with more goodies. The Schill and MK (aka Idaho Crab & Fish) are way better at their new blog than I’ve been at mine. And Adventures in Adulting is chocked full of goodies and every topic imaginable – travel, health, adventures, money, and more.

The Lit List (aka what I’m reading):
James Patterson’s Bookshots
I’ve been obsessing over these books since they first started arriving and I can’t keep up. I bought the first four that were released (and I want the whole set) but it’s like one a week or so being released and I can’t keep up. Quick 150 pages or less reads in paperback, audio, or ebook. Perfect for waiting in long times, traveling, or kids sports games on the sidelines. So lightweight you won’t even realize you’re carrying an hour of entertainment in your pocket.

This is a new series I probably never would have picked but had my fellow reader, TBK, who shares the secret obsession for romance novels, had not given me the first two books for my birthday. It was a perfect Mexican beach read.
Another birthday gift that was a perfect Mexico companion. I’m still early on in the book but I’m loving the writing and storyline so far. I am very intrigued to see how the story goes and what will happen. Stay tuned.
For about a year, I’ve been a member of Kindle First Reads where we are given the choice of one free Kindle book out of 4 or 5 choices at the first of each month. Sometimes nothing intrigues me, and I don’t pick anything. But if you put Hemingway in the title, I’m instantly going to click. This fun and intriguing book is almost a history lesson along with literary nerd’s dream come true. Each chapter provides a well know quote and dives into the history of where it came from, and in many cases how the quote has developed like a game of telephone – evolved and no longer quoted as it was originally stated. Very fun read so far.
​Laters, baby.