Yep. I said it.

And so have many others.

It’s okay to fail. When you don’t give up. When you don’t give in. When you know you’re still going to succeed but maybe your brain was bigger than your stomach … is that the phrase.

Yesterday I was supposed to release something to you. Something new. Something big. Something fresh. I thought about the second season of my podcast, Alter Egos. Maybe a new choose your own adventure story published right here. Maybe an ebook published on Amazon just for kicks.

Guess what?!?

I failed.

So, today – April 6th – you get a fresh look at my website. You get a new blog. You get me, working towards creating more great things at the moment they are supposed to happen.

If I was going to force myself to produce something creative, let’s be honest, it probably would have been crap. Because I wasn’t ready. 

I’ve needed more ME time. More search and find and explore and experience and live … time. 
Time to sing and dance and be a groupie and help others solve problems and create great things.

To hustle at my real job.
To hustle for my family.
To hustle for my besties.
To hustle wherever the hustle leads me. 

Part of that hustle is helping this man create a new brand for himself. We’re works in progress. We appreciate feedback. And boy do we have fun. 

Here’s the shameless plug for the evening – if you need some musical entertainment, some unabashed karaoke singing where everyone is Adele and Michael Jackson, or you just want someone to create a soundtrack to your backyard party … this one knows how to do it. I promise you won’t be disappointed when you click here.

The witching hour arises.