Sometimes I give up things for lent, sometimes I give up things for New Years, sometimes I give up things just for the hell of it.

February, the shortest month of the year, seemed like the perfect month for a little test drive for a new theory / adventure / challenge.

28 days didn’t seem that long on February 1st.
By February 7th, I was already counting down the days.

On a whim, back in January, I threw out the idea that I wondered if I would be able to go a whole month without doing laundry, and wearing something new every single day for the entire month (aka 28 days in February). It was a joke.

Until I decided it was time for a new challenge. It’s been almost 2 years since the year of 30 ended and I was ready to do something new.

So … I threw it out there, and February 1st I stopped doing laundry and I made the attempt to wear a new outfit every single day of the month. The only exception was shoes and accessories (aka scarves, hats, jewelry) and the occasional wearing of the same jeans (but no laundry was done through this whole process).

And surprisingly, it worked. Some days were harder than others. Sometimes I just wanted the easy way out with a pair of leggings and the same sweater. Putting together outfits using clothes I rarely wore became harder and harder. I think overall the biggest challenge were bottoms – jeans, leggings, slacks, tights, etc. In February, it was cold. Usually snowing or raining. It wasn’t delightful. How do you stay warm when the amount of winter clothes starts to dwindle?

GUESS WHAT?!? I succeeded.
And even into March, with minimal laundry done so far (socks, underoos, pants) I am still pushing forward with wearing different tops from the closet that have not been worn since January.

I think the main result is … I own too many underoos and too many shirts.

And I actually thought I would end up getting rid of more clothes because I would find they didn’t spark joy in my life (shameless plug for The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). 

There’s only one thing left … you want proof, don’t you. Special thanks to those people who didn’t balk when I requested day in and day out to take a photo of me (Fairy, cough, Fairy).

Here’s the low down left to right in order … pretty sure there is a distinct (unintended) head tilt, cheesy smile, and reoccurring black boot scenario going on.

Oh! And I might have a hot beverage addiction.

​I wonder what will be next …Ciao.