What happens when one drops off the face of the earth and leaves their blog and website in hibernation?

Nothing really except all the great stories, photos, and adventures are not out there.

A lot has happened since I last posted and a lot more is about to come to fruition.

The biggest thing since I was around last … I started a podcast. Kind of out of the blue. And boy have I learned a lot. I’m sure I’ll be sharing at some point my adventure, tips, tricks, and hopefully learning more to make it even better in the future.

Alter Egos was my baby last year, a blast to be had, and it will only continue. To learn more, catch up, or just tell us how much you love us click here.


I became obsessed with seeing as many concerts as possible in 2016 and my bank account is still on strike.

See how many concerts I attended, and how much fun was had by watching this little compilation video.I also did some fun inner states traveling, met some amazing new friends, and now I’m planning the next chapter and I need your help!

April 5th I’m launching something new and I need your input to decide what it is!

What would you most like to see launched first on April 5th (because let’s be real … these are all going to happen):

  • Season 2 of Alter Egos
  • Ebook on Amazon
  • Vodcast series on YouTube
  • A chapter a week posted on this blog with your help creating the storyline

BUT – before any of that even happens on April 5th, I have three special Alter Ego episodes from the archives that have never been posted. You’ll want to stick around to find out more details, subscribe to the podcast in iTune, and follow up on Insta.

And they are pretty epic. ​And I can’t wait to share all these new adventures with you.