I wouldn’t be the literary geek I am without all my fun accessories. An this Christmas was no disappointment. I love seeing all the fun gifts, original ideas, and wish list items landing underneath the tree.

Here is just a glimpse at great literary gift ideas for the book lover in your family:

Custom Quote Frame

Printed quotes or images in unique frames are a great gift, even if that person isn’t a book nerd or writer. My friend Steph gifted this perfect quote and frame – and it fits me to a T. The more I write, the crazier I feel. In the most amazing way possible. I’m okay being CRAZY.

​But wait … this is just the beginning …

Typewriter Notepad

To the naked eye, or in the case of this photo, this typewriter might look like the real deal. It is in fact, one of the most unique notepads and typewriters I own. This cardboard typewriter has a scroll of perforated note pages that make you feel like you are writing the next great American novel on small fancy scroll.


Journals are one of the best gifts for everyone! They can be used for simply making lists, writing your life story, keeping a book or movie journal, travel experiences, and so much more!

In my case, three journals I received have completely different purposes.

Blank Typewriter Journal – ready for me to record thoughts on my next novel, record the books I will be reading in 2016, or just ramble on about the thoughts inside my head.

Better than Before Journal by Gretchen Rubin – This has been on my wish list since I first heard about it. I read Better Than Before when it was first released, and this is the perfect component. Tomorrow I will start on page 1 and see where it takes me through creating great habits.

Book Check Out Journal – I am surprised that this journal has not landed in my lap yet. It’s been a wish list item for years and the perfect addition to my library collection. Not only can I keep track of new books I hear about and want to read, but when I loan a book out, I can keep track of it here. I even have the fun librarian stamp to go with it.

Book Shirts

For awhile I was on a kick, and still probably have a large collection, of Little Mermaid shirts and various memorabilia. Books is giving that red head a run for her money.

These shirts and perfect representations of who I am, or maybe just a little taste. I promise I will be representing my geekdom very often with these new additions.

Just in case you want one of your own – Thug Life has a great selection of witty options.

Novel Teas & Mug

 I haven’t had a chance yet to try Novel Teas, but I can definitely say I have made use out of my First Lines of Literature coffee mug (see the first image in this post).

But I can guarantee that I will be busing out the Novel Teas this weekend, in my literature mug, with a new book, and taking the experience to a whole new level.

Won’t you join me?

Books – Just Books

Did you think we would get this far without me talking about the books that are now part of the library? I just wanted to keep you in suspense. There was definitely a Shakespeare theme going this year and I’m excited to dive in.

  1. What Would Jane Do? Quips and Wisdom from Jane Austen
  2. A Newbies Guide to Final Cut Pro X
  3. The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz
  4. The Blue Book by JLB
  5. Shakespeare, Not Stirred
  6. The Usborne Shakeaspeare Collection
  7. Where’s Will? Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays

Novelty Items


(page from The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz)

Book Darts are one of those fun items that I saw in Pinterest, and around the world wide web. I’ve never used them until Santa shipped them my way, but I couldn’t not imagine ever going back.

​They are perfect as a normal bookmark, or in the case of the image above, perfect to mark your place in the middle of a page when you are rudely interrupted in the middle of a thought.

I sense this will become an annual post. If you have an recommendations on bookish items that need to be added to my collection, just leave a little comment and it will promptly be added to the wish list.

​And in case you missed the memorable, original, and recommended gifts I received in 2015 – click here. Certainly there is something you will LOVE.