It’s hard to believe that this year has flown by so fast, and it is now the day after Christmas.

A day of giving thanks.
A day of reflection.
A day of playing and relaxation.

Every year I am humbled by the goods I receive, the cards in the mail, and giving back to my family and friends.

This year was no exception, and as I look over all my new treasures, I can’t help but share some of the unique and favorite gifts I received. You too, might find something to add to your wishlist (or something to create).

Here are just five categories from a sampling of gifts from 2015:

Kids Kustom Kreations

I have some extremely talented and generous cousins. To be honest, I feel more like their aunt. But this Christmas there was a BSU theme going on with some gifts. A hand painted BSU frame with school pictures from my Goddaughter, an artistic BSU painting printed on a hand towel, and Kyler’s Kustom Konifer made out of old metal signs.

The Beat Goes On 

After signing up for a monthly membership to Kaia Fit, it was about time I got serious about my workout gear. Santa new exactly what I needed. My favorite brand of running socks, fun new pants, and wireless PowerBeats to feed my inner #geek.

Pampered Plus

What girl doesn’t love to try out new products, especially favorites found by their friends? This is taking my obsession with red wine (TonyMoly Red Wine Face Mask) to the next level. Dying to try the new L’Occitane Shower Oil then testing out my new Tinkle razor.

Staying Hydrated

Whether it’s water or wine, both of these amazing gifts will keep my cup filled all year long. The wine bottle stand is Australian Aboriginal art, straight from Australia from some groovy friends. From my Kaia accountability partner, a new water bottle from Blogilates. It will scream at me every hour to drink water until I have finished top to bottom.

The Simple Things in Life

When it comes down to it, for all the cool new toys I received, some of my favorite gifts did not break the bank, took me back to childhood, and soothed the soul. Doodles as our family has coined them, are a simple, sweet treat made from pie dough with cinnamon and sugar. This tradition has been passed down from my Grami, to my mom, and I hope to spoil my kids with it someday.

But doodles cannot be eaten alone. My mother knows me well when she buys out the whole supply of Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea and wraps them up in a nice package. I’m set for a good three months now.

Now, while eating my doodles and drinking my tea, my childhood pastime has resurfaced and it is time to …. COLOR! You thought I was going to say read (stay tuned).

Adult coloring books have been all the rage, and I’m stoked to have two amazing coloring books, with pencils, to ease through my afternoon. The two I will be working my way through – The Time Garden and Lost Ocean.

But wait … there’s more!

Just not today. This bookaholic would be nothing without the list of great book related gifts. I’ll be back with a list of the top bookish gifts that I received this year. It might be the best year yet.

Until tomorrow.