It’s day 7 – one week – of National Novel Writing Month. It’s also #DoubleUpDay which meant I really wanted to hit a goal of at least 3,333 words and join the writing forces of the world.

The sun is shining, the fireplace is warm, and I’m ready to do this. Here is just a glimpse at my morning and the way to crossing this to-do off my list.

Step One – Get out of bed with the knowledge that before 2pm today you need to get in 1,667 words, and if you want to be a rockstar, you’ll shoot for 3,333.

​Step Two – Start procrastination.

  • Make hot tea
  • Sit down on the couch and finish reading a book
  • Load and start the dishwasher
  • Fill tea cup
  • Go into office and boot up computer
  • Spend ten minutes decluttering email and deleting 875 spam messages
  • Log finished book in book tracker
  • More tea
  • Check gift card balances for random gift cards
  • Pay water and credit card bill
  • Look outside at the construction workers doing something at the home across the street
  • Stare at word document and try to formulate a sentence
  • Look at Facebook to see what you missed in the past five minutes
  • Add Groupon promo codes to Shutterfly
  • Browse new website templates
  • Check Facebook again
  • Read a blog post on 35 tiny things to clean that will make you pathetically happy
  • Create this list

Step Three – Start writing

​Three hours later I have written 3,448 words, made it to page 59, twenty one chapters, and the mission is accomplished.

Happy Saturday and #DoubleUpDay.

We’ll repeat tomorrow.