If you know me, this doesn’t come as a shock.

If you don’t know me, Hello.

Some years ago … I think around 2009 … I realized that my purpose in life was to be a voracious reader. My problem was finding books or authors I wanted to read. Fast forward to the Fall of 2015 and my shelves overfloweth with books I’ve read, and even more books I have yet to open.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just a glimpse of what has yet to be read …

Twice a year worldwide readathon commences with an obscene number of my closest book friends. I’ve never met any of them. But I still love them because while I’m reading and tired and hungry … so are they. And we banter on Twitter and take walks around the block and do silly literary challenges to keep the creative juices flowing.

Saturday, October 17th is the official Fall Readathon

This past spring I read 5 books … I think. I wimped out pretty early.
I don’t think I was even able to participate in the fall event in 2014.

But this is my year for redemption.

I’m kind of hoping to break my own personal record. Whatever that is.

I’m also looking forward to reading a very random combination of new, old, and borrowed books that have been taking up some space for awhile.

There is prep work to be done. I need snacks and drinks and a cozy place to read and a kitty cat companion and if anyone out there in the Boise Land is driving by on Saturday and needs a quiet place to relax and maybe read a few pages of their own, you know where to find me.

Because book reading is cool. You never know what adventure might be awaiting you at the turn of a page.