You know those days when you have a laundry list and you will do and say and avoid anything and everyone possible to just put a dent in all the spring cleaning projects, and randomness that you have been putting of for another day, week, month, until after the holidays, birthday, etc?

Yeah … today’s that day!

I keep crossing things off the list and then I think of something new. Like crossing off “mow the lawn” only to find that the lawn mower doesn’t work, so you add “fix law mower” and then using a borrowed mower from your kind parents, you find a broken sprinkler head – thus adding “fix sprinkler head” to the list. So, by crossing off one item on the list, I added two more.

I’m not complaining. I’m blessed with an amazing SUNDAY FUNDAY where I said no to everything else except focusing on getting some shit done around my house.

I did get my lawn mowed and it is so pretty.
I finished reading a great book that has motivated me in my day to throw away the thousands of receipts. that I have been collecting for the moment I really start “Winning with Money” and budgeting. PS the book is Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.
I’ve vowed to myself to start blogging 5 days a week – photo a day, book a day, quote a day, life a day.
I scanned and digitally archived a bunch of old documents to start decluttering my office.
I finished a video project for a friend.
I emptied the dishwasher.
I finally cleaned up and decluttered by garage after the holidays.
Started making a list of places I would like to visit during my trip to Italy in ONE MONTH.

And it’s only 2:39pm.

And starting the tradition, you get two “photos a day” today.

Ciao. <3