It’s an adventure to look back on a year of your life in photos. Especially this year.

Normal people take a lifetime of photos on their crazy adventures or travel or holidays. When you dedicate to take a photo every day for 365 days, you see a lifetime unfold.

In my case, I saw my hair go from brown to blonde, kids grow up, the seasons change, the books I read, the wine I drank, the book I wrote, the places I went, the family and friends I surrounded myself with.

I see the way God blessed me the past year, motivated and encouraged me. And now I get to look back and see how grateful I am to have spent the past year full of amazing adventures, new experiences, and love.

And to start out this next year, and beyond, knowing that anything I dream up is possible and I can make it happen!

So CHEERS to the year of 30, thank you for being so fantastic, and thank you to all those people I was lucky to surround myself with every day.