Falling in love is hard to do (at least in my experience) … pretty sure that’s not how the song goes, but when I went into this adventure 365 or so days ago, my vision of falling in love was quite different than how it has played out.

Things change and change in this case is really good. Because I have grown to appreciate the little things in life that just add up to a whole lot of better. To take pleasure in simplicity, and creating your own happiness, I really did find that we each probably fall in love with something daily.

AND that was justified further when I found this great article that solidified how I wanted to “Fall in Love” this year. Huffington Post published a great article not too long ago called “45 Ways to Fall in Love Every Day” and it inspired me to list just 30 ways I fell in love while I was 30.

Keep in mind, I loved a lot more than this but tried to limit the list to new experiences and opportunities never before accomplished or tried.

So … without further ado … the FINAL piece of the Year of 30 Bucket List.

  1. TUT – Thoughts from the Universe – emailed to me daily as a reminder that I am worth so much more than I give myself credit for, and this too shall pass/
  2. Serial Podcast – 12 weeks returning to the scene of a crime to determine if the man behind bars is really guilty.
  3. Drinking a gallon of water a day for 2 days – also means drinking as much wine as I want because I’m so hydrated that hangovers were a thing of the past. Who knew? Drinking water actually helps.
  4. The sound of a typewriter – morning, noon, and night – and the satisfaction of watching the pages pile up full of massive edits but worth channeling my inner Hemingway.
  5. Loose leaf tea – not just that stuff pre-packaged and ready to go – but the satisfaction of measuring, steeping, and feeling utterly like I just walked into a Jane Austen novel.
  6. Boxer puppy dogs – particularly those named PEARL.
  7. Slumber parties with rosy cheeked nieces and reading late night stories.
  8. Little Baby Owen – my new Godson – enough said.
  9. Having my own Fairy Godmother – they are a real thing.
  10. Writing a 30 bucket list and watching my goals and dreams manifest themselves over the course of 365 days.
  11. The Nest Thermostat – life is so much easier when I can heat my home while I’m driving through a snowstorm.
  12. followed by the Kevo bluetooth deadbolt – who needs keys when your phone unlocks the door?
  13. Short term diets with actual results – check out the 3-1-2-1 Diet by Dolvett Quince – this one lost 6 pounds in two weeks … goal almost reached.
  14. Guru Donuts in downtown Boise – highly recommend “The Milkshake” but I also hear “The Girl Scout” tastes just like a Samoa.
  15. Anya, the wonder dog – my companion for a couple weeks, an excellent snuggler, book reader, and TV watcher … and the future mother of my future puppy … just wait for it.
  16. Losing the fear of saying “No” or “Not this time” in favor of the perfect moment for YES … I’m a YES person and sometimes I have the habit of over committing and the disappointment that follows.
  17. Making more time for myself and what makes me happiest – whether it’s just sitting in the library for hours reading, or doing laundry and dishes and vacuuming, or filing bills. The down time makes me extremely happy.
  18. Letting go of what I can’t control and just living and loving.
  19. Being BOLD – trying something new and taking risks and loving the rush and results.
  20. Taking a new photo every single day for 365 DAYS – stay tuned … the result will be fun!
  21. Thanking people for the unexpected – writing 365 thank you notes and the moment when a long lost friend responds at how that one little gesture came at the moment they needed it the most.
  22. Being grateful every day for something new – like TODAY (March 20, 2015) I am grateful for: 1) the year of 30; 2) loose leaf tea; 3) MS Awareness Week; 4) new shoes; 5) the future of my book.
  23. Passionfruit La Croix.
  24. Healthy Home Company – a brand new company I joined earlier this year. I love sharing toxic free products with everyone I meant and using them daily.
  25. Leaving the country for the first time and finding new oceans, beaches, friends, and experiences (see BUCKET LIST = Belize).
  26. Parlo italiano. Imparare a parlare italiano.
  27. NaNoWriMo 2014 – the online community I joined for National Novel Writing Month in November 2014. The constant support and perseverance to reach the goal (and succeeding) in writing 50,000+ works over the course of 30 days.
  28. Black coffee. Enough said.
  29. Having an excellent adventure with by Bestie … YES, Belize made the list twice but who cares, it’s my list.
  30. THE YEAR OF 30 and BEYOND!

There are more blog posts to come … and experiences to share … but I’m glad I saved the best for last.

Elle Tea