This bucket list item is a perfect example of something I always found fascinating, wanted to participate in, but the opportunity just never presented itself. 

Until this year! 

Had I known that a flash mob was in my future, I definitely would have been thinking about it and had it on the original bucket list. Now, it’s made its way onto the BONUS LIST and definitely worth it!

Years ago, the Black Eyed Peas surprised Oprah with a flash mob. As a HUGE fan of the Peas, and never having witnessed a flash mob, I thought it was the most awesome performance ever! Not lying. Just click here to witness it for yourself.

Moving forward … maybe a couple years later the next introduction – THRILLER! This one has been many times and now flash mobs are popping up all over the place. Even in Boise, ID, my little hometown that’s not so little anymore, has it’s commemorative Thriller Flash Mob around Halloween. 

Point is – flash mob’s are AWESOME! A few short weeks ago I attended the International Builder Show in Las Vegas and had the best time learning … and the best time DANCING!

Now you can see what all the secrets and hype were about. I’m pretty sure it will be added to the IBS history books. Did I forget to mention it made “Best of IBS” by Builder Magazine. 

I’ll stop talking so you can watch.