I’m not being a very good blogger when it comes to the bucket list … but I’m sure I will find a way to make it to 52 without too much hassle. For example, I thought it would be adventurous to write about each bucket list item and my experience. Maybe it will motivate you … scare you … or just in general help me reach my goal of making it to 52 blog posts in 2014.

In April, I finally booked one item on the bucket list that is probably reserved more for brides and the happily married. I really just wanted to do it for me and no one else.

Turns out a boudoir photo shoot is a lot more fun than one would think – a perfect combination of a familiar face, your own clothes, and the hits of the early 90s made it easy to relax and just enjoy.

A huge SHOUT OUT to the fabulous Jolene at Snapshots by Jolene for making my experience one to remember. Whether family, wedding, or boudoir – she’s FANTASTIC!

Now that blog 4 of 52 is finished … here’s a little check in on how I’m stacking up so far with about 4 months into this adventure!

  1. Be BOLD - in progress
  2. Learn a new language - in progress; Two Italian lessons down
  3. Tough Mudder - booked for August 16th in Tahoe
  4. Blog once a week - 3/52
  5. Stay at Ernest Hemingway’s 206 suite - DONE – May 9-11, 2014
  6. Fall in love
  7. Celebrate 30 with all my friends - DONE – March 22, 2014
  8. Submit a book for publishing
  9. Ride along with a cop - DONE and going again!
  10. Sky Dive
  11. Photo a day for a year - 31/365
  12. Stay up to watch the sunrise
  13. Host a tea party
  14. Write a novel on a typewriter
  15. Visit ancient ruins - booked
  16. Learn Krav Maga
  17. Read the Bible - in progress
  18. Boudoir photo shoot - DONE
  19. Start a writer’s group
  20. Read 109 books - 46/109
  21. Become a blonde (again) - in progress
  22. Cave tubing - booked
  23. Build an app
  24. Learn website coding – in progress
  25. Leave the country - booked – BELIZE
  26. Daily gratitude journal - in progress
  27. Be spontaneous – DONE
  28. Write 365 Thank You’s – 59/365
  29. Set a record for the number of concerts/bands seen in a year – 10/30
  30. Bikini Wax - DONE