I have to say … 30 has been quite fabulous so far. I’m still so excited and thankful for the amazing people who helped me celebrate and surrounded me with support on this BOLD adventure I decided to take to ring a new decade.

For my first post of 30, I figured I better start with my progress on the awesome list I created to help me celebrate (with the help from AH and her acca-awesome graphic skills).

  1. Be BOLD – in progress
  2. Learn a new language – in progress; Two Italian lessons down
  3. Tough Mudder – booked for August 16th in Tahoe
  4. Blog once a week – 1/52
  5. Stay at Ernest Hemingway’s 206 suite – booked to visit with my mamasita
  6. Fall in love
  7. Celebrate 30 with all my friends - DONE – March 22, 2014
  8. Submit a book for publishing
  9. Ride along with a cop – DONE and going again!
  10. Sky Dive
  11. Photo a day for a year – in progress
  12. Stay up to watch the sunrise
  13. Host a tea party
  14. Write a novel on a typewriter
  15. Visit ancient ruins – booked
  16. Learn Krav Maga
  17. Read the Bible – in progress
  18. Boudoir photo shoot – booked
  19. Start a writer’s group
  20. Read 109 books – 32/109
  21. Become a blonde (again) – in progress
  22. Cave tubing – booked
  23. Build an app
  24. Learn website coding
  25. Leave the country – booked – BELIZE
  26. Daily gratitude journal – in progress
  27. Be spontaneous

Well there’s something interesting … I left room for more. A few things used to be on the list but I accomplished them prior to turning 30 so I didn’t want to cheat.

It’s going to be an EPIC and BOLD year!