Awhile back … like January, I came across this awesome blog and every week she posts her “Tuesday Things” and lately I have been bombarding my feedly account and email with all sorts of goodies. I started this list quite some time ago … with a few new additions, I’m shipping it so I can start working on the next one.

  1. Have you heard of Ideal Bookshelf? Seriously. need. to. check. it. out. NOW! Click here and get lost.
  2. If you’re building a house, redecorating, buying, bored or lonely here’s a fun site that will kill all the extra time you have in the world {much like Pinterest} – Houzz.
  3. Tim Minchin – seriously hilarious if you don’t get offended by sensitive subjects easily … I highly recommend “Guilty Pleasures” because really we all need to start rethinking if Starbucks every day is worth mentioning anymore.
  4. Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren – may be considered a guilty pleasure as they are calling it the NEW Fifty Shades of Gray and it’s written by two besties – Christina and Lauren …. hint hint bestie Heidabelle {and since I started this list I’ve also read Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Bitch and Beautiful Bombshell}.
  5. Wayfair – shop away
  6. Walking Dead in Black & White – this was a find from awhile back but it was still so awesome if you can find the episodes anywhere.
  7. My boyfriend in all his glory True Blood how could you do this to us?
  8. Law & Order: SVU Season 15 – if this isn’t enough then go home!

Okay … might be about time to do something more productive … like writing the next great American novel … I think I say that every time but this time I will actually be closing this window and starting at word and the lines in front of me.