Okay … now it’s time to just tell me “i told you so” … there’s no way you can write a blog post a day or say you will and actually do it. Is this I week I stick with it? Who knows. It’s full of all sorts of adventures, and probably not much sleep.

It’s Monday, to those people out in the world who don’t really keep track. Back to work, not enough time on the weekend to get everything done, you come home and instead of being productive you want to sit on the couch and watch Graceland or something equally entertaining that doesn’t require too many brain cells. I might have used them all up today.

Either way … it’s been a roller coaster. The past four or five weeks have been and if we really wanted to debate about it all the past 8 months. Cliff Notes version …

  • January – put an offer in on a lot to build a new house
  • February – put old house up for sale
  • March-April – two offers fall through, a family member passes away, things get crazy
  • May – accepted offer on the house, must close and move out in five days!
  • May-July – live with parents, travel, live, travel, displaced
  • July – MOVE IN!
  • July-August – unpack, make plans, start projects, start more projects, spend endless hours on pinterest searching for new plans

Today – almost done … I hope. And there are still too many ideas rolling around in my head that span an endless array. I just might have enough juice to keep going a few days in a row.

Or I’m just going back to the pool.


the last days of summer