complete meTitle: Complete Me
Author: J. Kenner
Finished: June 25, 2013
Pages: 320
Published: 2013

Complete Me is the third book of Kenner’s Stark trilogy. I had been eying this series for quite some time after seeing it pop up as a recommendation. When I was presented with the opportunity to read this final book prior to its release, I jumped at the chance and tracked down the first two books for a quick read through to catch up.

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey popped on the scene, more authors are getting the spotlight and I have to agree that Kenner does a fabulous job with this series.

Nikki Fairchild has escaped her past in search of a new start, but we all know that’s never how it goes. Only days into her adventure, she finds herself face to face with Damien Stark, a man she has fantasized about for years. It is anything but a warm and romantic reunion. If she had to guess, Nikki would think that Stark had no recollection of their prior meeting.

The first two books focus more on Nikki’s past and the growing relationship between her and Stark. As we enter the final book, gears shift and the reader is now finding out more about Stark and the thrilling conclusion to the cliffhanger of book three. Not only is the fate of Damien Stark up in the air, but so is the future of the couple that has captured hearts through their healing.

Nikki is slowly unraveling the truth behind who the man she loves is, and with each page, a layer is revealed and Damien Stark is revealed to us – “stark naked” and vulnerable. As the couple realizes how alike they really are, and how much they have grown, it is clear that nothing can truly tear them apart.

This was definitely a series worth reading. It is it’s own original series, with twists and turns, that keep you wanting and waiting for more. Even as I turned the last page, I wondered what the future had in store for this couple.

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