People close to me know my obsession with Pride & Prejudice and Jane Austen. In January, I was reading one rendition of Pride & Prejudice and decided I needed to get my hands on any book that was somewhat related. I was in Phoenix with a friend and we went to multiple used books stores and of course, I was in heaven.


Of course, with so many books to read I still have many of these left to enjoy but have knocked off others. Here’s a quick glimpse at my thoughts on some of the Jane Austen related reads from 2013!

Book 7 – Pride & Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition by Jane Austen and Michelle M. Pillow
finished January 18, 2013

Pride & Prejudice is by far my favorite book of all time. I’m closing in on double digit copies, not including all the parodies and sequels with Zombies and Mr. Darcy. This edition was just a fun one to read with little extras added in for us daydreamers of Mr. Darcy. It was fun to read and enjoy the original story with Pillow’s additions casually entered in. Even with the new parts, I still felt the book held true to its form and didn’t feel forced or stray from who I felt the characters really were. Fun read.

Book 8 – Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange
finished January 22, 2013

I went a little crazy and bought every book I could find that sounded remotely interesting about Pride & Prejudice and Mr. Darcy. This one was quite a quick read and very fun as we don’t get much into the inner workings of Mr. Darcy in the original work. All Darcy and P&P lovers must try this book out. It’s quick and fun and you’ll love it.

Book 33 – Pride and Promiscuity  by Arielle Eckstut and Dennis Ashton
finished April 1, 2013

A short, quick read of never before published scenes from Jane Austen novels (aka The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen). I don’t really agree with the title so much because while some snippets are racy, others are pretty docile. But if the author is telling the truth that these are in fact unpublished pieces but Austen that were found and later revealed, I’m sure at that time these would be considered the “Fifty Shades” of that time period. It was interesting to read but not one of my favorites.

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