It’s the end of the month. What have you accomplished?

Right now I’m accomplishing a pedicure after being at the place for a span of time I care not to mention. The people are very nice. The process could use some work.

The whole idea of going home  to pack up closets and drawers and who knows what else has slowly diminished over the past couple hours and a nice bottle of (Penfolds) Red Koonunga Hill from Australia (can be found at your local grocery store or Trader Joe’s). 

So maybe tonight I will go home with my first gel pedicure, a sizable Thirty-One party order thanks to Ellen, and the worry that I still have no idea what mortgage I am going to pick. I still need to finalize my new Chateau Elle Tea home, paint the old house, and get it listed and pray.

I have fully pushed into the universe that all is right and everything will work out and I will be a happy camper but this is a whole new experience and selling a home and buying at the same time is so strange.

But get excited because the new house is going to be so awesome when I am finished! Is it summer yet?