I don’t really have an idea for Top 10 Tuesday this week. I could do the top 10 things I need to get done before I can put my house for sale but that seems boring and you probably don’t really care about caulking, paint touch-ups and packing.

I finally had a chance last night to play some catch up with very much anticipated TV shows, so how about we talk about my top 10 favorite TV shows at the current moment:
  1. American Horror Story: Asylum – just watched the first episode of the season and it’s already so much better than season 1. Can we say Adam Levine … yes!
  2. Downton Abbey: Season 3 – finally got to see the premiere. It’s like watching Pride & Prejudice every week and falling in love all over again.
  3. Castle – I still love this show. Each week is a mystery and it doesn’t hurt that it’s fun watching the characters struggle through personal vs. professional. 
  4. The Following – this might be cheating since I haven’t really watched any episodes yet but it should be considered my most anticipated show and I know I will enjoy it. Who doesn’t like a little Kevin Bacon?
  5. Good Wife – Finally caught up and I am enjoying the chemistry, twists/turns and so much this show has to offer. Not only with the cases but you really have no idea what is around the corner.
  6. Law & Order SVU – I still love and enjoy this show even after watching 14 seasons. You get glimpses at their personal lives but it is so focused on the cases and it makes it that much more interesting trying to solve them as along with the characters.
  7. Chicago Fire – If you haven’t seen it … or Lady Gaga’s boyfriend … then it’s time to started because he is smokin’.
  8. Elementary – I just love Jonny Lee Miller, Sherlock Holmes and this show. It’s pretty awesome. 
  9. Bones – Who doesn’t love Bones? Or Booth? It’s a great show and always intriguing every single week.
  10. White Collar – Yes, the season just started. And of course, I haven’t started watching the latest couple episodes yet. BUT …. I love Matt Bomer. So what else is there not to love?
Maybe I need to add top 10 shows that are no longer on TV but everyone in the world should watch because they are AWESOME!