Yes! It’s a happy Monday and I feel somewhat productive in projects that seem to take forever.

But to the matter at hand. What are you reading? Lately I don’t feel like I’ve been reading much. Maybe if we are lucky I will have a chance to finish at least one to two more books before end of month for a total of 10 books for January!

Here are my latest active books:

  1. Safely Home
  2. Casual Vacancy

Both require more attention than I’m used to but so far I’m enjoying them. I know Safely Home is highly recommended and becoming a very good story. Casual Vacancy ended up as the #4 best book of 2012. I know something amazing is going to happen soon. I’m only 25% through so I still have time to find the purpose.

Maybe like Gone Girl that took some time and all of a sudden the purpose manifested and I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it … then literally yelled out loud when I finished. Regardless, everyone needs to read that one. 

J (my horror movie buddy) and I finally started American Horror Story: Asylum. Already SOOOOO much better than the first season. Adam Levine is awesome! 

AND … I finally started the latest season of Downton Abbey. To say I am behind on some the more recent quality television is an understatement. Let’s see how quickly I can make it through my DVR before my home sells. 

Starting NOW!