Biggest pet peeve – internet not working! 

Saturday night I was housesitting and for some reason the internet wasn’t working. Of course, I didn’t have a hotspot. So, instead I had to just watch movies, drink wine and read. Poor me.

Last night, I was going to once again. My home internet wasn’t working. Then I got tired and didn’t want to find my hotspot.

This morning, I did. If we’re lucky I’ll get two posts out today.

SOOOOO … here’s the big news of the week, or past couple weeks. Chateau Tyler will soon be up for sale. I’ve spent the last two days starting the cleaning and packing process. Storage unit – check. Empty walls – check. Exhaustion – check.

But it’s all worth it. Because this is where the future Chateau Elle Tea will be located before the end of the year!

Very excited. Can’t wait for the final stages and see this puppy start to go up. 

Guess I better shower.