Yes! This is it … my version of “Tuesday Things”, similar to the book blogger world “Friday Finds” but my own. Maybe a new book … or a website/blog/post … video, movie, song, etc. You know how it goes.

This is going to be fun!


  1. This Might Work by Seth Godin - The largest, heaviest, and most exciting book I’ve ever seen in my life! Seriously. This book might way ten pounds and is half the size of me. Want proof? Look to your left.
  2. There is always someone who is awesome at creating creativity – like this list of 33 Ways to Stay Creative. My hope is that maybe this will help me somehow continue to write a blog post day after day until one day it’s been 365 days and I haven’t had a blond moment and forgot to write.
  3. Blind (or first) dates are funny … and awkward … and interesting. This isn’t anything new. It just is. So are foreign people sometimes. This one was very nice. I understood everything he said. That’s a plus. Dinner was good too.
  4. Today I find myself in someone else’s house. Good thing these people are cool! You know who you are … or you will when you eventually read this (if ever). 
  5. I remember when someone introduced me to Girl Talk and then the cycle began and slowly the world around me was introduced to Girl Talk. Some people like it. Some people don’t. I’m pretty sure Justin is the latest in a long line of new Girl Talk fans. He’ll be jamming to it on Monday, guaranteed. 
  6. I was listening to a Success Magazine CD from February 2012 (yes, I’m that far behind) and Seth Godin (yes, him again – he’s cool) was talking about how if there was one thing you could take away from his current message it was to post one blog a day for 365 days. Get it? I do now. Seth, I’m listening. Here we go!

I think that’s enough FINDS for one day. And I have successfully completed another blog. So, I’m on a mission, as always, and I hope I can become insightful and full of creativity and bring something new to the table every day. It only took me 24 more days to realize what Seth was trying to tell me through my subconscious as that CD sat in my car for months without being listened to. 

Seth is always right. I’m pretty sure.