That’s me. Yep. Full of broken promises. But I’m sure it was well worth the wait as I have been swamped since my summerish vacation to Phoenix, both at home and at work.

Here’s a fun picture just because it makes me happy and I’m sure you’ll love it too:


P.F. Changs Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon 2013
Ellen recently introduced me to this cool website – How Sweet It Is – and I love the Tuesday Things posts and since I have Top 10 Tuesday, I think I need to find something equally as cool for another day about all the random things I think I need to share in a nutshell, or my favorite things of the week, or even the funny things from work that I hope to publish in a book on day …

Yes, one day I will have a book on the New York Times Best Seller’s list, and then some.

Has this post been random enough for you? I feel a recap of Phoenix coming soon … maybe tomorrow.

But tomorrow I have a date. Maybe not tomorrow. Hooray!