Remember that thing I said about needing to check into Austen Anonymous? Yeah, I think that might need to happen to day. After visiting two local Phoenix bookshops this week (Bookmans & Half Price Books) I came away with a whole new collection of varieties of Pride & Prejudice varieties. 

I guess that means it truly is a time to celebrate the 200th anniversary, my love of Mr. Darcy (who I hope to marry one day in some shape or form), and Austen.

Above are the five books I got. My amazon wishlist hast recently been filled with a whole slew of new Austen-esque books. I’ve taken this obsession to a whole new level. 

I’m so glad that Ellen appeases this obsession by finding even more books related and adding them to my stack, because quite frankly I just can resist her. 

I’m sure everyone is now bored and wants to hear nothing more about Jane Austen. Sounds good to me … at least for the time being.

Let’s finish a book, drink some wine, and be merry.