Okay … now it’s your chance to tell me that I’ve failed at resolutions and it’s not even a week into the year.

I didn’t realize or remember until late this morning that I didn’t blog yesterday. [Insert GASP here]!

So now you get double the pleasure, double the fun. Here are some fun duos:

  • my kitties – Fergie & Pantouffle
  • Salt & Pepper – not only spices but original nicknames and me (blond) and Ellen (brunette)
  • Lois & Clark – did you know they started rerunning old episodes of The New Adventures of Superman?

Yesterday I had a slumber party playdate with a cute blond rugrat as we shall call her. She’s always teaching me things – how to pronounce letters, the difference between dog and cat scratches, the correct way to play Wii Sports Resort or Wii Go Vacation or Wii Just Dance – and talking my ear off:

  • why she likes Carls Jr. chicken tenders better than McDonalds
  • Dreams she had when she was really like (before her current age of 6)
  • the correct way to make warm chocolate milk
  • the best types of Hershey kisses

The list is endless. She’s cute regardless. 


Rugrat & me at Thanksgiving.

One a random note I finally got a “super scratcher” cardboard box filled with cat nip for the two monsters (or angels depending on the day) that I share a residence with. Not sure if it’s really working yet as there has already been one incident of cat attacking carpet this morning.

I finished two books today – add that to the double list. Yahoo! I have too many still in progress but I really just want to start another book. I’m resisting the urge. The stack of 20 new books from the holidays and gift cards are begging to be opened … I think I just need a cup of tea.

And maybe