It’s a very interesting journey for a twenty-something single girl in Boise. The world has created all these wonderful websites to help you meet your prince charming, when really prince charming is most likely not sitting at home staring at his computer hoping your face will pop up and ask him out on a date. He’s doing what you really want to be doing every day …. living life, coming home from work, cooking dinner, maybe watching the game, listening to classic rock, and reading a graphic novel {feel free to insert any hobby of your choice here}.

But speaking from personal experience and multiple recommendations, I wonder truly who meets their soul mate on e-harmony, or plenty of fish? Speak now.

Maybe I need to put in more effort but it’s really hard to take it seriously when any of the following occurs within the realm of online dating:

  • One or more of your photos are of you without a shirt on, in front of a mirror, by yourself, taken by yourself – doesn’t matter how cute you are, or what your abs look like – leave something to the imagination and maybe find some friends who can take pictures of you
  • The first thing out of your mouth or online or in a text is a proposition having to do with spending the night, or not, with clothes being optional
  • You forget to read and realize that the person you are contacting is not looking for a random hookup but on the hunt for a meaningful relationship

Strike three and you’re out.

Or the best of all – when asking a lady out on a date, and she lets you know she is available on Friday night … that is your cue to actually ASK HER OUT. 

Is it that hard? 

Hey real men … yeah, you … the ones who read books, like good conversation, music, movies, dinner …. {you get the picture} … I’m right here. 

Don’t underestimate the fact that I don’t talk about myself a lot. How else would you really get to know me if I told you everything right here? 

Want to know my favorite book? movie? tv show? band? Ask me and we can discuss why cheesy chic flicks and classics are both equally awesome.

Okay. Now I’m going to dance with Ellen.