Who can resist the beautiful baby face of four day old Olive? Not me.

I can’t imagine having spent a better evening than cuddling with the preciousness that encompasses this teacup human (not really sorry for using this True Blood and Eric Northman reference).

Day 2 of Lucky 13 and I’m not doing half bad on my “resolutions” and goals. Like a lot of people out there, real resolutions are slightly overrated but I have my list of goals and things I would like to accomplish and/or do more of this year.

Here’s a handful of things I’m trying to focus on:

  1. Take a photo a day for a year (2/2 so far)
  2. Read for an hour daily
  3. Write in my gratitude journal daily
  4. Read ten books a month
  5. Write daily
  6. Read the Bible
  7. Be less critical
  8. Host a monthly book club – launching next weekend
  9. Sell my current house and build a new one
  10. Pay off my credit cards

Okay, I’m keeping this shortish and sweetish. I feel the need to watch the latest and greatest ep of Law & Order: SVU – one of my current faves, as it should be since I invested 13 seasons over the course of one year. It would be like closing a book with only two pages left, or the final five minutes of Star Wars.

Or something. Stay tuned. Who knows what I might feel like sharing tomorrow….