PS – I stole this picture from a friend’s FB page. I’ll happily give credit to whoever would like it.
Dear diary,

It started in a hotel room with a girly friend, waking up at 8 something and wondering if I would begin 2013 with a juicy, ripe hangover. Lucky me. Didn’t happen.

I’ll start the resolutions off with the one currently weighing on my mind – guilt

  • I will not feel guilty for the decisions I make because that won’t get me anywhere. I was completely content with sitting on my couch all day, watching movies, creating this wonderful website, having bestie chat time with Heidabelle, eating snacks, and only leaving the comfort of my chaise lounger to let the cat in and use the powder room.
  • I will not feel guilty for choosing to stay here and not exercise even though my second half marathon is coming up in 19 days and I should really be running 9 miles instead of writing.

So, here we are. I’m kind of hungry, ready for a nap, and very grateful that I do not have a hangover, that I own Pitch Perfect on DVD, and Heidy brought me my second Starbucks of the day to quench my thirst.

I don’t really know how this blog with evolve. My goal is to post something every day … could be a picture (day 1 of 365 down for that goal), book review, Oscar predictions, or a very long rambling message about the minute details of what I am doing at a given moment – currently not much of anything.

My brain power is shutting down. Thanks for joining me.