Title: Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters
Author: Jane Austen & Ben Winters
Finished: March 26, 2011
Pages: 343
Published: 2009
Format: paperback & audio

I’ve had this one on the shelf for awhile but found it in audio at the library so I thought it might be fun to listen and read at the same time.

While generally the same romantic love story that we are used to, I felt this one encompassed it’s quirky side a little more than Pride & Prejudice & Zombies did. Right from the start there were signs of sea creatures, the ocean, boats and underwater cities.

Being my second favorite Austen story, I was able to easily follow and enjoy this tale just as much as its original.

The Dashwood sisters find themselves in a new home after the death of their father, leaving them nearly poor and their mother wondering if they will ever have the chance to marry fine young men. It doesn’t help when they are relocated to a mysterious island that begins to take a life of its own, in more ways than one.

Great adventure and story. Almost like reading a whole new book.

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