Title: From a Buick 8
Author: Stephen King
Finished: March 13, 2011
Pages: 356
Published: 2002
Format: audiobook

Not my favorite Stephen King so far and it seemed to take me forever to fully get into the story and stick with it. I finally put it on my iPod and forced myself to continue listening and slowly the story developed enough and contained enough action to keep my attention.

The story is about a car found deserted on a road that holds mysterious powers and many secrets for the inhabitants of the town and the police force who continues to maintain it in one of their sheds.

The results and aftershocks of the Buick continue on for years and well past the careers of most of the men who followed the path of the Buick and its gifts. It was very interesting but not sure about how I really feel and if maybe I only enjoyed it less due to the length of time it took to actually listen to it.

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