Title: Badass
Author: Shannen Doherty
Finished: February 4, 2011
Pages: 256
Published: 2010
Format: First Edition

I probably never would have found this if my friend hadn’t found it on the new releases and known I was on a memoir/autobiography of sort kick.

It actually turned out to be very interesting, not really at all about the “drama” of 90210 and that everyone always associates her with, and more about how to control your own life in every area.

I found some compelling tidbits and even great ideas on hosting a party or creating a new patio at my house. Often times I didn’t even think about the fact that Shannen Doherty wrote the book, but more about the content.

It was a quick and fun read and something you could easily read on the beach, a winter’s day by the fire, or while traveling.

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