Title: Heart Mender
Author: Andy Andrews
Finished: August 15, 2010
Pages: 247
Published: 2010
Format: first edition

The was my second Andy Andrews book and he never disappoints. Unlike the Noticer, this book reads a lot like a fiction novel, and even as you turn the last page you keep wondering whether the story can truly be real.

Taking place during World War II, we meet Josef, a German soldier on a sub, and Helen, a waitress in a small town suffering over the loss of her husband in the war.

It took me some time to get into the story after Andy’s introduction. While digging up a tree, Andy finds an old can full of old German artifacts and becomes determined to find the story behind them and who they belonged to.

Soon after this revelation begins this amazing story of broken hearts, war, anguish and hope. Helen is a young woman who is torn apart with anger over the loss of her husband so early in their marriage. Even her closest friends  can’t seem to bring her out of despair and help her move on.

While walking on the beach, she comes across Josef, a scary surprise given the violent war that is going on in the gulf, and while fearing for her life, she can’t just leave him to die so she takes him into her home to nurse him back to health.

This story was so amazing and powerful, the fairytale that we only see in movies but not in real life. The only parts that were slow involved the war scenes, which I always have problems with (historical books are not my favorite), but overall the most amazing book ever. Could bring tears to your eyes.

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